About 5699

We are a group of high school students at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario who are crazy enough to take on a challenge that ask us to go beyond our current abilities, knowledge and skill sets.   We are tinkerers, problem solvers, team players, self starters, and science enthusiasts.  We strive to be gracious professionals who help our competitors be at their best, because we know that they will do the same for us.  We are a team that builds robots and confidence and leaders and friendships.  We are the Robo Sapiens!

How Team 5699 Began

Robo Sapiens started as a rookie robotics team in September of 2014 supervised by Mr Kleiman who is a Biology Teacher with no robot building or engineering experience. The team consisted of eighteen enthusiastic students from grades 9 to 12. We entered into robotics with a complete lack of experience, but an overabundance of enthusiasm and curiosity.  We came together as a team and successfully overcame all of the setbacks and to build a simple, yet functional robot which competed in the 2015 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).   In Our second year of competition, we hit the ground running with a better understanding of the competition and several returning students with their newfound robot know-how.  In this second season, we were the 3rd alliance captains in the championship rounds and made to the semi-finals. 

Our long-term goal is to continue our path as a robotics team that is passionate about innovation and technology and to find more opportunities to share our passion with the school and the community.

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“This is the most authentic, well rounded educational experience I have ever seen in my 9 years of teaching.”
Mr. Kleiman, Lead Mentor

Benefits of FRC

To Students:​​

  • Gives access to millions of dollars of scholarship money for top Canadian and American Universities
  • Be part of an authentic, professional, real-world project and practice real employable skills in STEM and beyond
  • Learn to work with a team and meet like-minded friends
  • Leadership opportunities through project management, community outreach, and fundraising

To Forest Hill C.I:

  • Builds school spirit
  • Builds excitement about STEM
  • Builds our reputation and connection to other schools and FRC teams
  • Creates a STEM learning opportunity like no other

To The Community:

  • Help produce graduates with cutting-edge 21st-century skills
  • Allow us to promote and spread STEM to our feeder elementary schools
  • Build strong community partnerships