Team 5699 is a high school robotics team representing Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. We are a team of students who are passionate about every aspect of robotics.  Since 2015, we have participated in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition, a worldwide engineering challenge that is designed to push the limits of creativity, and ingenuity in an arena that captures the fun and excitement of competitive sports.  We are a dedicated group of individuals inside and outside the classroom, and that has proved to be a key quality to our success as a team.

“This year our team will compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).
FRC is a large-scale, dynamic, international robotics competition. Students cooperatively design, build, program, drive and compete with their robot. This robust program offers students real-world opportunities to develop skills in STEM, business, and design. It fosters leadership, teamwork, technical skills, communication skills, work ethic, time management and grit. Students find themselves immersed in an active local and international community of competing schools who are focused on helping each other learn in the spirit of gracious professionalism. Participants also gain access to millions of dollars in available scholarships specifically reserved for students in FIRST.”
David Kleiman, Lead Mentor

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